You can travel to Las Vegas, the Caribbean, or wherever your favorite casino is absolutely free or so low that traveling can cost you less than staying in the country. Casinos are increasingly offering “comps” or freebies more and more to people. And these comps are not fair for the few high bettors who want to wager $ 1,000 a hand.

Because of intense competition, almost anyone can get enough comps to vacation for free with the casino crop on the table. Casinos used to offer RFB comps (room, food and drink) just to handful players. Now they are soliciting even slot players and comps literally throwing them.

Here are the steps you need to take to start raking in the maximum number of casino giveaways:

1. Choose a primary casino and then play there: Casinos offer comps to attract new players and reward their current customers and keep them returning. Many casinos increase the number of comps offered the most you play there. They are rewarding loyalty because they know you have plenty of choices of where to play and if they do not reward your game, then another mess. Find a casino where you enjoy playing games that have a reasonable comp policy. Your loyalty should be rewarded. If not, find a casino that “will pay you to play. ”

2. Join a slot club and / or get a VIP card: If you are a big bettor or a whale the way casinos call it, bosses will find you. If you are a small to mid-range bettor you must enter the comp. of the casino. Slot and video poker players should always be part of the slot club. A slot club card looks a lot like a credit card and is inserted into the machine when you play. Your game is tracked and the comps are developed in the system. Every casino is different, but it’s not unusual for three or four hours of the fourth slot they play to earn the casino rate on your room, which can be 50 to 70% below the listed rate. Play a little longer and you will get free meals and a free room.

Table game players must get a VIP card and have their game evaluated the casino floor man. The easiest way to accomplish this is to buy in for at least $ 300 in a small midsize casino, a casino guest or boss can offer to evaluate your game. Once you have the VIP card, you should present it every time you start the game so that all of your game is rated. Rated counts of the game towards the comps.

Some casinos use a card for both the machine and the game of playing the table. If you are not sure what your favorite casino does, just ask.

3. Familiarize yourself with casino personnel: Comps, as well as other casino policies are controlled the people who work there. Here a quick quiz. Which do you think you get more comps, friendly customers who know and talk to casino employees or nasty customers who treat casino employees like door mats? Suggestion; try to be pleasant and friendly.

4. Visit the casino during the middle of the week: If you love crowded conditions, long lines, overworked employees, higher table minimums and generally a high level of hassle, then you will want to arrive at your favorite casino in the afternoon and leave on Friday on Sunday evening. You will get plenty of all of the above. If you want more personal attention, less casinos and crowded restaurants and more relaxed casino employees around you, you will schedule your visits between Monday and Thursday. Find that the difference is similar to the difference between driving on the freeway during rush hour and driving down a country lane on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s also easier to get comps during the middle of the week. The reason? Less competition for everything. A hotel casino can have free lounges in the middle of the week and be filled up on weekends. If you are looking for a free room, you will have a much better chance of landing one during the middle of the week.

5. Ask the comps: For some reason, many people feel that the casino bosses will notice and walk on it and offer comps. of the meal or some other benefit. In reality this just happens never before. For one thing, the bosses are too busy to worry about giving a single player a meal compartment. For another, why should they?

Informed players know that they must ask the comps. The key thing about asking the comp. is to support the request with the type of action that a casino will reward with a compartment. If you are playing slots, ask for a slot guest to comp. of the meal after a couple of hours of play, not when you first start playing. If you are playing a table game, make sure your game is rated and ask for comp. after giving the casino some good deed.

6. Learn how to beat certain casino games: Do not expect to win if you exclusively play six or big keno. These games offer terrible odds. Machine players will find their best chance of winning playing on high payout slots or higher payout versions of video poker.

Table game players can win craps, blackjack, roulette or baccarat. Winning constantly requires a winning strategy and good money management techniques. A starting point is to select a game that is known to you that are offered in your favorite casino. Learn a proven strategy to beat the game and practice strategy before setting a foot in a casino.

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