As strange as it may seem, there is certain decorum that pervades the rough and the fall of the casino game . Take note of these reasonable rules or you could be ostracized if you have not conducted materially from the premises.

First, try to stick to your own chair and avoid spreading excess ones adjacent to an armrest or footrest. This is elementary courtesy since casinos are crowded very often (unless you are a regular of dead hours during the day). Everyone deserves a seat at the table. Whether in blackjack or roulette, there should be room for six or seven players.

If you are at the level of winnings or simply feeling generous and want to overturn the dealer making a side bet, it is always a good idea to state your intentions. In blackjack, place the chips for the tip bet outside of your winning circle. If you need to place the chips on top of your betting pile, make sure the dealer knows which chips are for him.

The latter can be more gratifying for the dealer because if your side bet wins, you keep control of the money and everyone understands that you will want to parlay the winning chips possibly still in the biggest winnings in later hands. The equivalent to roulette is to place a bet for the dealer on his “lucky” number or wherever you want. Whatever the denomination of the integrated circuit, a victory to 35 chance to-1 will guarantee the benevolence.

With this some other indicators specific to blackjack:

1. Live and leave live. Even if the other players are friends of yours, this is not the place to mock their gambling or betting strategy. If you see you’re really a cut above the rest, move on to another, high-stake table.

2. Always make sure you clearly communicate your gaming decisions. Remember, casino practice is different. When the cards are facing upwards from the shoe, swaying palm down over your cards means you stand and scratching the felt in your way with your index finger means you want a shot.

3. Wait for the shuffle before indicating that you want to “color” on your chips or that you want to go. It is the height of the rudeness to interrupt the flow of the game.

At roulette:

1. Avoid the most common novice violation: do not pick up winning bets or make new ones on the next spin until the dealer settles all wins and removes the marker from the winning number.

2. At a crowded table, avoid jostling in your hurry to place your wager. It makes sense however to wait when a great many provisions are being made because the dealer is sensitive to the weather and will drop the ball only when everything is done.

3. Use roulette chips only to roulette. You should not use them to overturn the waitresses or ask the cashier to exchange them for the greenbacks.

If you need to remember just three things, the first is that common courtesy is required in a public gaming venue. In blackjack, you clearly signal your gaming decisions. When playing roulette, wait for the dealer to resolve all winning bets and remove the winning marker before selecting on your winnings or placing bets on the next spin.

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